Wearable Technology

Worker Physiology

Stratified Injury Risk

Risk Stratified.

Utilizing cutting edge wearable technology to precisely identify task-based risk for cumulative trauma through characterization of muscle demand physiology in the workplace.


We seek to enable the creation of a zero occurrence work environment regarding cumulative trauma.

LEAN Inspired.

Allow your LEAN Engineers to consistently and objectively identify risk factors and efficacy of their ergonomic intervention before workers are deployed on the line.

Harris Fitness, LLC

“Applied Physiology — Stratified Risk”



Capturing objective physiologic data through a highly repeatable process to produce precise measures of risk — all while workers are performing their normal duties on site.


Task-based risk stratification with focused analysis on the factor primarily driving identified risk level for cumulative trauma


Enhance your targeted ergonomic intervention and improve internal causality decision making for injury work-relatedness.


Harris Fitness, LLC

“Fitting the Right Worker to the Right Job”

About the Founders

Anthony N. Harris, MD, MBA, MPH

Juanita L. Sheline, PTA



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